Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves the World is an action role-playing dungeon crawling video game developed and published by DrinkBox Studios. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in January 2022.


Nobody Saves the World is an action role-playing game played from a top-down perspective. The game can be played solo, though it also has a cooperative multiplayer mode. In the game, the player controls a blank-state character named Nobody, who is equipped with a wand. The wand allows them to transform into 15 forms, such as magicians, robots and dragons.Each form has two basic skills at the beginning of the game, though as players progress, new abilities will be unlocked. These characters also have different stats and attributes. The skills and the abilities of different Forms can be combined to create devastating attacks.Other Forms can share the gameplay benefits of one Form when it was unlocked.

As players explore the overworld and dungeons which are procedurally generated, players need to complete quests and gameplay objectives in order to earn experience for upgrades and Star, a currency which is used to unlock the legendary dungeons featured in the game. These dungeons are filled with enemies and traps, though players may also find treasure chests and hidden keys if they explore an area thoroughly. In each of the game’s dungeon, the only respawn point is located in the area where the player is about to encounter an enemy boss.


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