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Windjammers 2 is a sports video game developed and published by Dotemu. It is the sequel to the 1994 Neo Geo game Windjammers, co-produced by Data East and SNK. Windjammers 2 was released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One on January 20, 2022. It received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised the visuals, new content and gameplay mechanics.


Windjammers 2 is a sports game played from a top-down perspective, in which players must try to throw a frisbee into their opponent’s goal while protecting their own. Players can earn 3 or 5 points by landing the frisbee into their opponent’s goal in the yellow or red zones respectively, or can try to land the frisbee on the floor of their opponent’s side to earn 2 points. Players win a set by achieving a certain number points, and win the match by winning the most sets. In the game, players select from 11 playable characters, including all six returning characters from the original Windjammers.Each character has their own attributes. For instance, some characters have more steady control than others at the cost of speed. There are EX Moves, which are special powers can be that activated for gameplay advantages. Players can compete on 10 different courts, including all six courts from Windjammers, which feature different goal zones and gameplay properties.Both single-player and local multiplayer modes are featured.The game includes an “Arcade Mode”, where multiple matches are played through championships.Windjammers 2 features cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows versions.


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